August 2018

WOrKshop#53 – Wednesday, August 22
Doors 8:30 / show 9:00 / $10
at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

Episode #53 in our ongoing series of getting great people together to play not-so-easy listening music that makes you fall in love with life all over again. Pure sonic truth.
Pull up a chair. Or park yourself on a sofa.

This month’s theme tends to favor electricity.

Andrew Neumann is an artist working with video, multi-channel installation, sculpture and electronic music. For this event, he will be providing input/output from his modular synthesizer

Mike Sidnam is a sound engineer who performs with synthesizers and occasionally multichannel guitar amplifiers.

Crystal Penalosa (they/them) is an American artist & interdisciplinary designer based in New York. Their work primarily focuses on performance with modular electronics, utilizing signal processing & capacitive circuits as a collaborative tool to sculpt sounds in real-time.

Cecilia Lopez electronics

Dylan A. Marcheschi
Marcheschi has performed various electronic projects around New York for the past decade exploring minimalist noise and drone music.


July 2018

WOrKshop#52 – Wednesday, July 25
Doors 8:30 / show 9:00 / $10
at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

This week featuring a very special touring trio, and some local ad hoc improv, WOrK style.

Benjamin Vegarra – from Chile- trumpet
Zoots Houston (Aaron Zarzutzki) synth
Fred Lonberg-Holm cello

Viv Corringham vocals
Kurt Ralske saxes
David Watson prep guitar

Benjamin Vegarra
Trumpeter, improviser and educator, from Chile.
His work focuses on improvised music, written contemporary music, free jazz and experimental music.
Director of Festival of experimental music –Relincha- occurring since 2014 in the city of Valdivia.
More info

Zoots Houston synth
An improviser of various sorts. He works primarily with misuse and perversion of objects and systems. Virtuosity, volatility, futility, and capability are thought of. Zoots currently lives, works, and plays in Kingston, NY.

Fred Lonberg-Holm
Composer, cellist, and improviser. In Chicago he led his own groups, including the Valentine Trio, Terminal 4, and Seval, and participated in projects, including the Peter Brötzmann Tentet and the Vandermark 5. He is currently a member of Joe McPhee’s Survival Unit III, the NRG Ensemble, Fast Citizens, Party Knüllers, Boxhead Ensemble, and Ballister.

Viv Corringham is a British vocalist, composer and sound artist.
She works in several established groups, in ad-hoc groupings and also as a soloist. She has performed with Pauline Oliveros, John Russell, Monique Buzzarte, Gino Robair, Elliott Sharp, Lol Coxhill, Charles Hayward, Alex Ward, Al Margolis, Maggie Nicols, Andrea Parkins, Eddie Prevost and Didier Petit among many others.

Kurt Ralske (soprano sax, cornet) is a Professor of the Practice in Digital Media at Tufts University. In order to change the world, first it is necessary to create an image of a world that doesn’t exist yet.

David Watson Definitely Maybe

June 2018

WOrKshop#51 – Wednesday, June 27
Doors 8:30 / show 9:00 / $10
at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

The art of the Improvisers!
More pool-improv wth a cast of the uncompromising.
Park yourself on the sofa .

Matthew Ostrowski
Philip White
Nick James Scavo
Anders Nilsson

May 2018

WOrKshop#50 – Wednesday, May 23
Doors 8:30 / show 9:00 / $10
at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

Atypically for this particular workshop, we will have our normal pool improv show, and then solo sets from the touring artists
Al Margolis and Jason Kahn

Sandy Gordon percussion
Marcia Bassett el guitar
Sam Kulik trombone etc
Michael Foster sax, electronics
Al Margolis violin, contact microphones etc
Jason Kahn resonator guitar

Marcia Bassett is the exterminating and vivifying force who goes beyond boundaries of noise, free drone and dark psychedelia to arrive at a place of heavenly radiance and hellish intensity.

Al Margolis is a composer/performer, improvisor and painter. Since 1984, often under his project name If, Bwana, he has worked in the field of non-commercial, non popular music and sound.

Jason Kahn Voice, resonator guitar.
currently based in Zurich, where he is active as a musician, artist and writer.

Michael Foster is a saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, and Queer curator. His work examines the overlaps between improvisation, noise, and Queer theoretic practices.

Sandy Gordon percussionist, field recordings, member of Causings

Sam Kulik trombonist, baseball conceptualist, and so much more

WOrK#49 – Thursday, May 3
Doors 8 p.m. / Show 8:30 p.m. / $10

at Outpost Artists Resources, 1665 Norman St, Queens

I am really happy about this one.

Nicola L. Hein has been very active player on the German/ and international scene . He plays the guitar with his hands and plectrum but also with a lot of different objects: screws, rulers, iron wool, violin bow, abrasive paper, magnets and many other objects which are part of his musical vocabulary. Tonight he will joined by local wordsmith, Steve Dalachinsky.

We are very happy to be hosting a rare appearance of Bhob Rainey from Philadelphia.
A clear and hugely influential voice in this music. Not to be missed.

And, two of my favorite and deepest memories ( the kind of reason why we do all this ) from last year at The Sump, were performances from Ed Bear, and from Sean Meehan. This week Sean returns with a trio featuring Barry Weisblat on electronics and John McCowen on clarinet.

And then we also have Ed Bear giving a rare performance.
I can’t tell you much about that. I like surprises and I didn’t think to ask what he was planning.

Hope to see you.

April 2018

WOrKshop#48 – Wednesday, April 25
Doors 8:30 / show 9:00 / $10
at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

More pool-improv from a superb cast of uncompromising players in the intimate lounge-like sofa filled environs that is Muchmore’s.

Tom Chiu violin
Kevin Shea percussion
Ian Douglas-Moore guitars
David Watson guitar etc

WOrK#47 – Thursday, April 5
Doors 7:30 p.m. / Show 8 p.m. / $10

at Outpost Artists Resources, 1665 Norman St, Queens

Katherine Liberovskaya / Anthony Coleman
Half Wire

Kagegoto//影ごと is a performance duo by Chikako Bando and Leyna Marika Papach. Over the past decade, they have created a number of original works exploring the nuances between sound and movement. In their approach, all expressions coming from the body are treated as equal gestures, unfolding in poetic time.

Katherine Liberovskaya has been involved in experimental video. She has produced numerous videos, video installations and performances, etc that have shown around the world. Since 2001 her work predominantly focuses on the intersection of moving image with sound/music in various both ephemeral and fixed forms (projections, installations, performances), notably through collaborations with composers and sound artists in improvised live video+sound concert situations where her live visuals seek to create improvisatory “music” for the eyes.

Anthony Coleman is a triple threat. At least. A masterful performer, improvisor, composer and teacher.

Half Wire are a duo hailing from Santa Fe, NM.
“Somehow these guys have perfected the art of alchemizing chaos into harmony.”-Signal to Noise.
Currently, due to geographic isolation, members of original The Late Severa Wires are continuing their sonic experiments as the duos of Half Wire as well as The Wires Trio. Half Wire is
Yozo Suzuki-guitars and Carlos Santistevan-basses

March 2018

WOrK#45 – Thursday, March 1
Show 8 p.m. / $10

at Outpost Artists Resources, 1665 Norman St, Queens

From Sydney is Jim Denley, with Chris Penalosa and Joe Hertenstein.
Martín Escalante (from Los Angeles) with special guest Luis Toto Alvarez (Valparaiso Chile)
And also, the return of God Is My Co-Pilot . (!!!)

Jim Denley alto sax, prepared bass flute
A wonderfully smart and tasteful player, one of Australia’s foremost improvisers, Jim was a true force in creating the Aussie improvisation scene of the 1980’s, and then on to environmental performance, and then to being a substantial influence on current scene there through curating festivals and an improvising big band. A veteran of Derek Bailey’s Company, Jim co-founded the renowned ensemble “Machine For Making Sense” that bridged improvisation, composition and new-music. His extended technique on flutes and alto saxophone, his acute listening skills, and his refusal to get stuck into a format make him a first-rate musician.

Chris Penalosa (they/them) is an American artist & interdisciplinary designer based in New York. Their work primarily focuses on performance with modular electronics, utilizing signal processing & capacitive circuits as a collaborative tool to sculpt sounds in real-time. Penalosa has performed collaboratively and solo in New York at Issue Project Room, Microscope Gallery, Sediment Gallery, MoMA PS1, Experimental Intermedia, and at Spektrum in Berlin. They currently work with the veteran underground record label Generations Unlimited.

When I first heard drummer Joe Hertenstein, I couldn’t believe I didn’t already know about him. Acute, smart and skilled. He has released five albums as a leader with the bands HNH, POLYLEMMA, Future Drone and TØRN and many more as a sideman on labels such as MoersMusic, Cleanfeed, Red Toucan, jazzwerkstatt Berlin, Creative Sources, 2nd Floor/Loft-Cologne, Skirl, Leo, Engine, EvilRabbit, FMR, Konnex and others. He has played music with Butch Morris, Matthew Shipp, Ivo Perelman, Alvin Fielder, Karl Berger, Tim Hagans, Andy Rourke of TheSmiths and

Martín Escalante with Luis Toto Alvarez
Martín Escalante – His main instrument is the alto saxophone which he has slightly modified in order to produce a wide variety of noises, multi-phonics and voice extensions. In 2012 he started his record label Sploosh Records where he releases his solo work and collaborations as well as that of other artists from México, USA, Chile, Norway and Perú.

And in a stunning development, we are thrilled have the return of the legendary God is my Co-Pilot. They’ll be playing a show for us before departing for their UK tour.
No-wave standard-bearers God-Co will with this concert concentrate their ecstatic expertise on temporizing various themes in a concerted attempt to experimentally test a series of serious temporary hypotheses. They say.
Expect some blue smoke to come out of the test-tube. I think.
Blow your socks off. Probably.
Read all about it:

God Is My Co-Pilot is Normandy Sherwood, Craig Flanagin, Kate Gentile, Jason Blackkat, and Kevin Shea.


WOrKshop#46 – Wednesday, March 21
Doors 8:30 / show 9:00 / $10
at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

More pool-improv from a superb cast of wonderful, uncompromising players. Or maybe this time, a bi annual meeting of the Link Wray society.

Nicola Hein guitar
Matteo Liberatore guitar
David Watson guitar
Matt Sutton pedal steel
Joe Hertenstein drums
Ian Douglas-Moore bass

February 2018

WOrKshop#44 – Wednesday, February 28
Doors 8:30 / show 9:00 / $10
at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

Sandy Gordon
Lucie Vitkova
John Bohannon
Marcus Cummins
Ian Douglas-Moore

More pool-improv from a superb cast of wonderful and uncompromising players.

January 2018

WOrKshop#43 – Wednesday, January 24
Doors 8:30 / show 9:00 / $10

at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

The art of the improvisors … another night pool improvised play by an extraordinary group of creators.

This month the art of the improvisers features-
Jeanann Dara – viola, violin
Aaron Moore – percussion
Hiroki Oshiro – reeds, electronics
Matthew Ostrowski – electronics
Chris Penalosa – electronics
David Watson – guitar maybe

December 2017

WOrKshop#42 – Wednesday, December 27
Doors 8:30 / show 9:00 / $10

at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

The art of the improvisors … pool improv play by an extraordinary group of creators gathered together from all over the globe for one special night – (or, we come to blow your mind).

Anastasia Clarke electronics
Ian Douglas-Moore guitar
David Gould percussion
Cecelia Lopez electronics
Katherine Liberovskaya live video
Matteo Liberatore guitar
Andrea Parkins electronics
David Watson undecided

November 2017 archive

WOrKshop#40 – Wednesday, November 22 – 9 p.m.
at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

Another night in our monthly pool-improv series, with this international cast of fine musicians:

just added! Nathan Koci – accordion (

Sam Kulik – trombone (
Aaron Moore – percussion or related (
Jessica Ackerley – guitar (
Marcus Cummins – saxophone
Ian Douglas-Moore – guitar (

Sam Kulik, from Massachusetts, plays trombone and other instruments with a huge variety of musicians, including Talibam! and David First’s Western Enisphere ensemble.

Aaron Moore is an Englishman who founded Volcano the Bear and now lives in Brooklyn, playing with Gospel of Mars and Alan Courtis, among others. Primarily a drummer he generally considers any instrument or object playable in one way or another.

Jessica Ackerley is a unique guitarist, composer and band leader active on the Canadian and U.S. rock and jazz scene. She continuously tries to expand her musical horizons with various projects like ESSi, her solo guitar compositions and her improvisation trio.

British saxophonist Marcus Cummins has been associated with the UK jazz and improvised music scene since the early 90’s. He has worked extensively as a solo artist, in duos and larger bands but is perhaps best known internationally for his involvement in Trevor Watts’ ‘Celebration Band’.

Nathan Koci plays the accordion and other things for various purposes including folk music, experimental chamber music, and improvised combinations of the two.

Ian Douglas-Moore was born in New Jersey but doesn’t remember anything about the place. He also plays guitar.

WOrK#39 – Wednesday, November 8
at HoLo 1090 Wyckoff Ave, by The Halsey L stop
$10 all to the performers!!
Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm sharp

This will be the last regualar WOrK øø show at HoLo. It’s been a fantastic two years. Thank you all, and hope to see you at this final HoLo show.

Sarmen Almond, from Mexico.
Your Hole (Michael Foster and Tyler Keen)
and yr hosts, Ian Douglas-Moore and David Watson

Sarmen Almond is a Mexican musician, singer and performer. After finishing composition and singing in Mexico City she traveled to Paris in 2007 to work under Linda Wise and Enrique Prado’s teaching, especially in choreographic theatre’s principles and in Roy Hart extended vocal techniques
Nowadays Sarmen is working closely with Jonathan Hart (NY) to prepare herself deeper on Roy Hart Voice Tradition. In Mexico City Sarmen is training on Reiki Therapy and Researching about Voice Technique and Breathing healing and Movement.

Your Hole is Michael Foster sax, objects, electronics & Tyler Keen objects, electronics, samples.

Michael Foster works in the fields of free improvisation, noise, free jazz, graphic & video notation, performance art, and other forms of weird music. Foster utilizes extensive preparations of his saxophone, augmenting it with amplification, objects, balloons, drum heads, vibrators, tapes, and samples as a method of subverting and queering the instrument’s history and traditional roles. He co-founded & co-curates Queer Trash, a series that showcases LGBTQI+ artists engaged with experimental performance.
Current ensembles include duos with Lydia Lunch, Leila Bordreuil, Ben Bennett, Ted Byrnes, Richard Kamerman (as The New York Review of Cocksucking), The Ghost, Barker Trio, While We Still Have Bodies, Weasel Walter Large Ensemble.

Tyler Keen is an electronic/noise musician working with prepared guitar, objects, samples, and laptop. Tyler has releases on Homophoni, Copy For Your Records, Erstwhile, Deadline, and others. Current projects include Ultra Metal (noise duo with Johnny Cash), duos with Tim Albro, Michael Foster, and Richard Kamerman.

David Watson has produced the WOrK ØØ series for the past two years, and with Ian Douglas-Moore for the last year.

Ian Douglas-Moore’s music uses guitar, electronic tones, and field recordings to examine the textures of layered resonant sounds as they engage with acoustic space. He performs often with saxophonist Paul Roth and writer/sound artist Pär Thörn, is a member of David First’s Western Enisphere ensemble, and can also be heard in rock bands Gold Dime and Pleasure Prince.

David Watson makes experimental music for guitar and bagpipes. He’s recorded with Christian Marclay, Lee Ranaldo, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Phill Niblock, Andrea Parkins, Alex Waterman, Christine Bard, Eugene Chadbourne, Otomo Yoshihide, Shelley Hirsch, Chris Mann and many others. He premiered a piece by Robert Ashley. He’s scored films (‘Hiroshima Bound’, ‘Lethem’) and dance pieces ( too many to name), created experimental parades and processions, started a record label (Braille)and has beeen curating and organizing experimental music since 1983. This year he got a “Second Place” in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, to go with the “First Place” he achieved twenty years ago.