WOrKshop#50 – Wednesday, May 23
Doors 8:30 / show 9:00 / $10
at Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn

Atypically for this particular workshop, we will have our normal pool improv show, and then solo sets from the touring artists
Al Margolis and Jason Kahn

Sandy Gordon percussion
Marcia Bassett el guitar
Sam Kulik trombone etc
Michael Foster sax, electronics
Al Margolis violin, contact microphones etc
Jason Kahn resonator guitar

Marcia Bassett is the exterminating and vivifying force who goes beyond boundaries of noise, free drone and dark psychedelia to arrive at a place of heavenly radiance and hellish intensity.

Al Margolis is a composer/performer, improvisor and painter. Since 1984, often under his project name If, Bwana, he has worked in the field of non-commercial, non popular music and sound.

Jason Kahn Voice, resonator guitar.
currently based in Zurich, where he is active as a musician, artist and writer.

Michael Foster is a saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, and Queer curator. His work examines the overlaps between improvisation, noise, and Queer theoretic practices.

Sandy Gordon percussionist, field recordings, member of Causings

Sam Kulik trombonist, baseball conceptualist, and so much more

WOrK#49 – Thursday, May 3
Doors 8 p.m. / Show 8:30 p.m. / $10

at Outpost Artists Resources, 1665 Norman St, Queens

I am really happy about this one.

Nicola L. Hein has been very active player on the German/ and international scene . He plays the guitar with his hands and plectrum but also with a lot of different objects: screws, rulers, iron wool, violin bow, abrasive paper, magnets and many other objects which are part of his musical vocabulary. Tonight he will joined by local wordsmith, Steve Dalachinsky.

We are very happy to be hosting a rare appearance of Bhob Rainey from Philadelphia.
A clear and hugely influential voice in this music. Not to be missed.

And, two of my favorite and deepest memories ( the kind of reason why we do all this ) from last year at The Sump, were performances from Ed Bear, and from Sean Meehan. This week Sean returns with a trio featuring Barry Weisblat on electronics and John McCowen on clarinet.

And then we also have Ed Bear giving a rare performance.
I can’t tell you much about that. I like surprises and I didn’t think to ask what he was planning.

Hope to see you.