Doors at 8.00pm Show at 8.30pm
$10 (or donation), all money to the performers.

WOrK #28 – May 24, 2017
Sam Kulick / Carlo Costa //  sackbut raconteur & percussion
Steffie Gudra //  
guitars and pedals
David Watson / Tom Chiu  
I hear the sound of … violins, an’ maybe bagpipes

David Watson and Tom Chiu  (bagpipes, guitar and violin) first performed together at Semiotexte’s Schizo Culture event at PS1. Chiu is the founder of the FLUX Quartet and is a long-time champion of new music for the violin. Watson has been an integral figure in New York new-music for 30 years and is the founder of the WORK 00 series.

Steffi Gudra, musician and visual artist from Berlin, guitar and pedals.

Sam Kulik (bass trombone), Carlo Costa (drums). This is Sam and Carlo’s first duo concert: unplanned and unbordered, a focused meditation on the surprising and wonderful sounds a horn and a drum can create together.

June 14

Chris Cochrane/Chris McIntyre
Bob Bellerue
Dan Joseph